Cash-Dudley Speiller & Torres Professional Law Corporation is pleased to announce that in addition to litigation services, the firm will now also offer mediation services as an alternative to dispute resolution.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution.  It provides a way for parties to resolve their disputes without going to court.  It is a private, informal process in which a neutral third party, a mediator, helps disputing parties facilitate a agreement. The mediator does not represent either party.

Affordable:  Mediation is an affordable, cost-effective alternative to litigation.  The cost is often a fraction of a fee to retain an attorney. 
Efficient: While a typical court case can take up to two years to resolve, a case can be resolved through mediation in a substantially shorter period of time.
Parties are the decision makers: the parties, not the court, control the outcome of the settlement
Flexibility: While the court must make decisions based on the rule of law, the parties can be flexible in their agreement
Assistance with preparing and filing court documents: While the mediator cannot provide legal advice, the mediator can assist the parties in preparing and filing their paperwork to bring their case to a conclusion.
Confidential and Private: Nothing that is said or done in a mediation can be used against any party in court.
High Satisfaction Rate: Because the parties actively participate in the settlement of their case, the outcome is usually more satisfactory than being dictated the terms by the court.

Mediation is not for everyone.  In a highly contentious case or a case involving domestic violence, the court process is most appropriate.  In most cases, however, parties want to work out their disputes without causing additional stress for themselves or their family.  People who desire to reach an amicable, confidential agreement will best benefit from the mediation process.

Our firm is committed to providing high quality legal services to those who need assistance in their family law matters. While we continue to provide litigation services, we see a need for mediation in the Central Valley.  So often people want to reach an amicable resolution without the expense, time, and aggravation associated with resolving a case through the court process.    E. F. Cash-Dudley and Stacy Speiller are both trained litigators and certified mediators. Both certificated mediators have the experience and skills necessary to assist parties in reaching an agreement through mediation.


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