A will dictates how your estate is  to be disposed of upon your death.  Many people do not recognize the importance of a will.  If someone dies without a will, the estate of that person passes pursuant to statutory authority. Often times, however, a person may want to make alternate arrangements for the disposition of the property.  For example, a person may choose to disinherit a particular family member, like a soon to be ex-spouse.  A person may wish to leave a particular asset, such as an heirloom piece of jewelry,  to a friend or family member. Without a will, potential heirs are left to question the decedent’s wishes, and there may be unintended consequences.

The attorneys at Cash-Dudley Speiller & Torres believe that every person should have a will to ensure that his or her wishes are properly carried out. We prepare a simple will for all of our clients.

We recommend that the will be kept in a secure place, like a safe deposit box.  A trusted family member or friend should be told where to find the will when it is time for the will to be entered into probate.